Monday, March 17, 2014

Dublin, one beautiful morning

Finally I managed to see Dublin in good weather. 

So far every time I went there, it was during a weather warning, but I had to go for my lectures, so there was no way around it. 

Walking along the river in the hushed early morning with the sun just peaking out from the soft wispy clouds was simply magical. Even the gulls were quiet and relaxed just sitting there looking at me.

Have a look t early morning Dublin, just waking up, drowsy and peaceful...
Dublin view, by the river

Dublin view

 Dublin view, reflection in the river

Dublin view

Dublin view at sunrise

Dublin view

Dublin street by the river

Dublin image

Dublin image

sea gulls

sign, tall ship available,

Dublin view

Dublin view, sea gulls, buildings

Dublin image, sea gull, buildings

Dublin image, buildings, bikes

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