Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dublin City - Tourist for a day

As any other person living out of Dublin, occasionally I need to go there on business for a few hours and and then to hurry back home to my part of the world, in my case Galway. 

I grabbed one of the early buses, so I can be there bright and early, that way I hoped to finish as fast as possible with a bit of time left for sightseeing. I always use GoBus when I travel. For me they are the most comfortable and reliable. It takes two hours and a half to get from Galway to Dublin, but the GoBus is so comfy, the time passes very fast especially if there is something to occupy yourself with - a book, a phone, a laptop....  

Once in Dublin there was no time for fun or aimless walking around. Nevertheless, I did feel like a tourist for a day which was really great and relaxing, I dutifully took my camera out for a spin and grabbed a few shots on the way from and back to the bus stop. 

Unfortunately my business concluded right on time for the returning bus ride home so I almost had to run. This is provincial life for you, not much time for entertainment when you go to Dublin on business. Hopefully next time.....

Lets walk through Dublin together - Tourist for a day

image collage of a government building in Dublin

the roof of a government building with statues and a pigeon on one of their heads

main entrance of government building, Dublin

entrance to Merrion Square park

Oscar Wild memorial

oscar wild memorial

war memorial, Merrion Square park

War memorial, Merrion Square park

Dublin street

Dublin street, people walking by

a random pub in Dublin

drawings on a wall

Dublin streets, people walking

blue, sky, Dublin buildings

image collage, walking the streets of Dublin

Dublin  streets

Busy Dublin streets

A bridge

buildings across the river, Dublin

image from the bus, Dublin

dublin streets

dublin streets from the bus

Dublin streets from the bus

I hope you enjoyed our Dublin walk

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Goodbye Summer

green ferns and gorse bushes
As I walk the bogs and winding roads of Connemara for the last few weeks I have this tight felling in my chest that this is the last of the summer for this year. 

Honestly, we hardly had any summer, the sky was constantly wrapped in swirling clouds, it rained most of the time while all Europe was roasting slowly and painfully under the hot sun. But not here of course.
Not in Ireland. Why do you think Ireland is so famous for its fabulous bushy green forests and wonderful green fields where happy cows and sheep graze lazily. It's all the lovely rain that makes it happen of course!!
Before the rushes start turning orange and rusty in the bogs, before the trees change their attire from dark green to light brown or golden and the leaves start to fly with the wild Connemara winds I have to share some of my last photos of this Summer before it is gone completely.

I have to say Goodbye to Summer properly. Walk Connemara with me.

stone wall and green plants
 Click on the photos to view as a slideshow
meadowsweet plants on the side of the road

meadowsweet plants on the side of a road in Connemara

a sign for a graveyard

a road passing through very green vegetation

a collage of Irish landscape images

purple flowers on a green background

small road leading into the green forest in Connemara

collage of summer green images from Connemara Ireland

landscape view of green ferns and a field in Connemara

Panorama view of the Lough Corrib in the background and fields and forest in Connemara

view of the Lough Corrib in the background , summer green grass and heather all around

Connemara landscape

Connemara landscape

a small tree and houses on the background in Connemara

boxer dogs walking on a road in Connemara

collage of landscape images from Connemara

 pile of turf on a filed of grass, a lake in the background in Connemara

turf and drying grass, a lake in the background

a collage of images from Connemara with turf and grass and lakes

turf and grass and flowers in Connemara

Irish landscapes from Connemara

Irish landscape from Connemara

Irish wild summer flowers

A small collection of the flowers I found that day during my walk

a collage of wild flowers images from Connemara

boxer dogs walking on a road in Connemara

And of course my companions ;-)

a pair of boxers walking together in Connemara

country scene from Connemara

beautiful image of hawthorn plant

wild  purple flowers in the grass, Connemara

Thank you for being with me

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