Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CONNEMARA landscapes on the way to CONG

I just found a few forgotten images from a trip to Cong. 

Somewhere on the way we had a few random stops to 
admire the amazing surroundings and landscapes that 
inspire me so in Connemara. Enjoy the stunning view!!! 

  Connemara landscapes by Annie Japaud, landscape, photography, Ireland
click on the images for a better view 
Connemara landscapes by Annie Japaud, landscape, photography, Ireland

Connemara landscapes by Annie Japaud, landscape, photography, Ireland

Connemara landscapes by Annie Japaud, landscape, photography, Ireland

Connemara landscapes by Annie Japaud, landscape, photography, Ireland

Looking towards the Lough Corrib
Connemara landscapes by Annie Japaud, landscape, photography, Ireland

Connemara landscapes by Annie Japaud, landscape, photography, Ireland
   thanks for the visit!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ashford Castle

     This is certainly one of the must see places in the North West of Ireland. It is actually a medieval castle, expanded and refurbished over the centuries and at the moment a Five Star Luxury Hotel. It is situated near Cong, on the Galway/Mayo border. Here is a link for Ashford Castle
You can get there, starting from Galway, on the N59, through Oughterard, Maam Cross, then Cong. But an even better way is to catch the ferry from Oughterard, (Corrib Cruises) which leave every day at noon during the summer.  More info on Corrib Cruises here

     Strolling through the grounds of the castle is very pleasant. There are little paths and lanes along the shores of the Lough Corrib with plenty of benches to sit and rest or even to have a picnic. 

I just hope you get a nice sunny day on your day out!!

click on the images to view bigger and better

I found an interesting sign here!!

And of course, a lovely place to go for a snack

The last view of the castle. Until the next time

Friday, July 19, 2013

Let's go to the Beach

     I am sure that everyone who lives close to the ocean or the sea has their favourite secret beaches. I know, we have them too, they change over the years but that summer urge to dip into the cooling waters never eases up. Especially when the weather is so hot, all I think about is sinking in the invigorating waters of the ocean, that feeling of the chilling watery caress (don't forget, I am talking about the Galway bay after all), relaxing into it and letting go to drift staring up at the gorgeous blue sky.... Doesn't it sound perfect?
 So, I decided to share a few shots from my secret beaches, all in the Spiddal area.

     Probably you are wondering how did I find this gorgeous place? Very easy actually, it is a short drive from Galway, through the town of SpiddaL and then the Second Beach sign to the left. Enjoy.

beach, grass, water, sun

beach, water,  path, sand

beach, people in the water, people on the sand,

beach view, mountains across the water

beach scenery

beach scenery

path, sand, road marker pointing to the beach



seascape, fisherman

seascape, rocks

fisherman, rocks, water

water, someone swimming, rocks

people sitting at the rocks by the beach

beautiful scene by the sea and the rocks

lovely scene by the water with rocks

people sitting on the sandy beach

blue seascape

blue seascape

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Rambling through the Countryside

My early morning walk today was an amazingly blissful experience!! Everyone was still sleeping when I left, I didn't meet anyone and there were hardly any cars on the road. It was wonderfully quiet, so hushed and peaceful as if there was a forcefield covering and protecting everything around me. All creatures savoured the last of the refreshing morning coolness before the summer heat would descent upon us all. Even the birds were not singing and the farmers were nowhere to be seen.
   It is Sunday after all. We all need a day to relax. 
     If you wish to experience this wonderful blissful moment and you happen to be passing through Oughterard, or staying here over the weekend, all you need to do is start early, between 7 and 8 am, and take the road to Costelloe and Rossaveel,it continues up from Station road. If you walk up for about an hour you will arrive to a view point with a magnificent vista in front of you. Of if you don't have the strength, experience or stamina to continue all the way up the hills, just go as far as you can, it will still be a peaceful and enjoyable countryside ramble.

Hope you enjoyed your walk with me

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