Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exploring summer

road surrounded by green bushy trees
Today I propose a change of subject. Instead of places to visit I offer you an insight into the local Irish flora. And what better time than a lovely summer morning when the light is bright and exciting, the colours are glowing and beautiful and the air is rich with fragrant aromas. Imaging you are walking with me on this little country road just out of Oughterard, enjoying the summer and admiring the gorgeous lush vegetation. I snapped at all the flowers I could find in this area and took close ups of some of the trees. 
Have a walk with me. Enjoy 
leaf with raindrops

Laurel leaves

leaf with raindrops



flower seeds


white flower


yellow flowers

Fool's parsley

white flower and 2 dogs at the back

blossoming pink shrub

white flowers


fireweed - purple flowers

purple flowers

Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking The Golden Mile in Oughterard

Once you are in Oughterard, even though it's such a small village, there are quite  few places you can go, plenty of things you can do. Everyone knows that Oughterard is every fisherman's paradise, if you are into fishing obviously. From here you have access to the Lough Corrib which harbors some of the biggest fish around. I know, because I have seen with my own eye photos of those fish and I know some of those hopelessly devoted fishermen. But since I know nothing about fishing, I can not really help you with more information about that, or tell you the best spots for the biggest fish ( but I do know, it is a very closely kept secret by the way)
But since I am the outdoors type of person, I can help you discover the best places for a good walk or maybe a picnic too.
Right now the summer is at it's best and in a full swing. If you are staying here in Oughterard, there is one lovely little place you can go for a perfect evening walk with the kids or a friend.
This place is The Golden Mile. The start is at the entrance to the waterfall on N59 and it finishes on the Station road. I have selected a few images from the last part of the Golden Mile, just before the Station road end at the Workhouse graveyard. Notice the beautiful dark summer green engulfing everything everywhere. The wonderful ferns that have grown so high this year turn the landscape into a summer jungle. Enjoy this view with me.

My companions, faithfully waiting for me to stop shooting and continue walking finally...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Peaceful sunrise on the Bog Road

I have mentioned The Bog road on many occasions and I have a lot of images from there, any season, any time of the day. You can find the little road on the way to the pier in Oughterard. A small turn to the right and here you go. It is a fair walk from other parts of town so it is always good to be prepared (in case of rain for example  ;))

I got on the bike the other day, the camera strapped around me and I took off for an early morning ride. I ended up on the Bog road and believe me it was a magical and fabulous experience. The sun was just rolling off the Lough Corrib and climbing up towards the sky. The trees were still stretching up, their leaves fresh and green with golden light speckled through. I was the only person anywhere around. The only disturbance in the whole area was created unfortunately by my presence - I startled a fox, which was peacefully trotting along the Pier road and had to suddenly bolt and run for cover.
The moment was fantastic.
It had that wonderfully peaceful summer feeling that makes everything better. Enjoy!

Thank you for the visit.
You are welcomed to live a message and tell me what you think. 
I would be glad to hear from anyone!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Searching for a Good View

mountains view with  a stone and a sign saying "bunnagippaun"

   From the manicured lawns of Ashford castle, I am off to the wild open spaces of Connemara in search of a good view.

   The bright blue sky is crawling with stormy grey clouds, dragging their shadows over the green hills. The sheep lazily stare at me. There is a little breeze, cooling the air, coming straight from the ocean - I can feel the saltiness and bitterness of the drying seaweed.

This is how a perfect summer day feels in Connemara. And of course, the best thing to do on a day like this is to get out there and walk the hills.

   If you take off walking from Oughterard, Co. Galway, in one hour you will be in Bunnagippaun. Don't ask me to pronounce it properly for you because I actually don't speak Irish, but this is my favourite place in the vicinity of Oughterard. The view from up here is magnificent and unforgettable any time of the year and in any weather. I come to this spot to enjoy the Connemara feeling and of course to take a few photos. 

         Have a look at some of them, freshly out of the camera.  
mountain view

a road going to the distance, mountains

Connemara landscape, green grass, mountains and clouds

Connemara landscape, mountains and clouds

Connemara landscape, clouds, mountains

Connemara landscape, lake , mountains

I am sure you wished you were right here!! 

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