Thursday, April 12, 2018

Boxers in the Bogs

I had the most amazing walk today in the bogs.

I love when there is fog hugging the hills and bogs of Connemara. Everything is covered with a blanket of stillness and peace. It's hushed, quiet and empty everywhere. Because it's still early and people are indoors  having breakfast and preparing for the day.

Me, I like to be out before everyone else does. So I have the whole world for myself. And the dogs.

Boxers in the bogs 

Boxer dogs in the bogs

boxer dogs in the bogs

boxer dogs in the bogs


Boxer dogs playing on a road

boxer dogs playing video

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick's day

OK, today is St. Patrick's day and everyone in Ireland is getting blasted. Well, maybe not yet, the parades are still on but later, when they are finished and the pubs are open, all hell will break loose!!

For some weird reason I am all alone in the house with the dogs. Everyone is busy somewhere but me. I have the whole house for myself. I debated for a long time shall I use this perfect moment to clean and mop the house, put the clothes away, do the bathroom as know the usual womanly thing to do when they find themselves alone and free. They usually clean or cook or do something productive with their time. Not me.

Today, since it is a Bank Holiday weekend I decided to go against myself and just work on the computer, basically do something for myself instead for the good of everyone.
And you know what?! I am sitting here typing, working on photos for a friend and all that and at the same time I feel guilty because I am not cleaning and doing what I think I should be doing. Seriously, how sad is that?

Being a woman is a curse in many ways!!
Thank God I did not go to the parade, I don't think I was going to enjoy that at all!!

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's day, hope you are having a grand time!!

  St Patrick's day cupcakes

shamrock pattern on a coffee,

That's all I have, see you soon ;-)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Snowy Ireland

I think it will take a while for Ireland to get back to normal after Storm Emma.  

The snow could be gone for now but it is still very cold and patches of dirty whiteness are still visible everywhere. A lot of people suffered in many ways, local businesses had to close, suppliers did not deliver, the country was literally at a standstill  for a few days.

Our water is not completely back even though we managed to have showers yesterday!! Believe me it is the best feeling in the world to be clean!!

One thing I noticed is that snowmen sprang up everywhere in every garden like an army, people managed to see the bright side of things to get through it all!!  Doesn't that show a great spirit and a wonderful sense of humor? Irish people a well know for that I believe.

So to finish on a brighter note, here are some snowy shots from Ireland, prettier and nicer than my previous post which was a bit sinister and had an end of the world feel to it. 

Enjoy Snowy Ireland ;-)

snow, tree, dog

snowy landscape, Connemara, Ireland

snowy landscape Connemara, Ireland

snowy landscape, Connemara, Ireland

snowy landscape, Connemara, Ireland

Gate, stone wall, snow

snow on a stone wall, branches

footsteps in the snow

snowy scene, Galway , Ireland

ferns, snow, Ireland

tree branches covered in snow

tree branches covered in snow

tree branches covered with snow

stone wall, tree covered with snow

candid photo of a snowman in someones' garden

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Snow Monster called Emma

I think that the Snowy Winter of 2018 is turning into the Winter Disaster of 2018.

In all my years here in Ireland, Honestly I have never experienced such cold. The whole of Europe is in the freezing grip of the ice monster called Storm Emma. There is a Red  Alert for the last 24 hours lasting until 6pm today. 

driving in a blizzard, Storm Emma

I just read in the news that all airports are closed in most parts of  Northern Europe. Total disarray and what a big mess!

People in rural areas are snowed in without access to the main roads. It is good that everyone was shopping like mad around here, supermarkets were totally empty and ransacked by yesterday afternoon. There was no bread, water, milk or other essentials left. The queues in Tesco store, Headford road, Galway city yesterday at lunch time were as long as the isles themselves!! 
It felt a bit like the Zombie Apocalypse was coming... Believe me, I am not joking.

All right, time for some photos, taken from the car (don;t worry I wasn't driving!!) on the way home in the freezing Storm Emma and I do hope the weather warms up soon, and we get our water back!!
Yes, I was one of those unlucky ones that got their water pipes frozen ;(

snow, Storm Emma, blizzard, road

snowy landscape, Ireland

snowy landscape, Ireland, Galway

snowing, driving in the blizzard, Ireland

driving in the blizzard, ireland

on the road, in the blizzard

on the road, snowing

on the road, driving, snowing

image taken from the car, snowing

image taken while in the car, snowing heavily

on the road, snowing

heavy snowfall, driving

on the road, snowing

And I thought March was a sign of Spring?!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Snowy Winter of 2018

It's been quite a snowy winter so far. 

I have to admit we haven't had such cold weather here in Ireland since the Big Freeze of 2010 

Frosty Connemara landscape at sunrise

I love cold and snow since I come from a country where there is an abundance of both. I love the feeling of freezing air on my face and the almost painful crispness of the bone chilling wind. Weird, isn't it? 
But as much as  I would enjoy the snow and cold in Bulgaria, I don't feel the same about it here. Ireland is not used to such extreme temperature fluctuations  and is definitely not prepared for it. I do prefer a dry crispy day than a pouring rain any time, don't take me wrong. 

I did not have great opportunities for photography since I was working most of the time but I managed to do a few snaps while walking the dogs.   
Here you go. The images are mixed from different walks. 

The Snowy Winter of  2018

Snowy road in Connemara

dry wall, frosted with snow

frozen moss on stone boulders, Connemara

winding road, sunrise, Connemara

Sun flare by a lonely tree in the countryside, frost

sunrise over the frozen stone wall

snowy Connemara landscape

Snowy Connemara landscape


I just have to add that when we talk about snow in Ireland it mainly means a light dusting of white over the scene. 

Do not imagine 2 meter snow drifts.... :-)

Monday, January 15, 2018

The World For Myself

It seems that lately I am taking a lot of photos in the dark or right at the crack of dawn..

What can I say?! It is so much fun. I find it kind of exciting being awake so early, I also love the stillness and the peace. It is like having the whole world for myself, as selfish as that sounds, I just love it!!  
One of those rare moments when I feel and do as I please, long before everyone wakes up and before the day starts rolling along its usual tracks. 

night image of a thatched cottage

early morning blue light and a thatched cottage

thatched cottage, garden, early morning

blue sky, moon, night image, roof

garden in darkness, tree, moon blue sky, thatched cottage

tree, thatched cottage, blue sky, darkness
thatched cottage  in the semi darkness, blue sky, moon

thatched cottage, blue skys

looking at the first signs of dawn in the night sky

first signs of dawn in the sky

thatched cottage in the darkness

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