Sunday, March 24, 2019

Moycullen's St. Patrick's Day Parade

  St Patrick's Day cake by Annie The Baking Queen

Not everyone is lucky enough to be off on St Patrick's day weekend. 

Some people work to make others happy and supply them with green cupcakes and green cakes and so on....

Still I managed to sneak out and take a few shots could I resist?

Moycullen St Patrick's Day Parade

Moycullen St Patrick's Day Parade

Moycullen St Patrick's Day Parade

Moycullen St Patrick's Day Parade

Moycullen St Patrick's Day Parade

irish flag at the parade

donkey at the parade

Moycullen St Patrick's Day Parade

Moycullen St Patrick's Day Parade

entrance to Enjoy Cafe in Moycullen

enjoy cafe logo

Annie's World

Monday, February 4, 2019


OK. If this is all the cold, frost and snow we are going to see this winter, 

it is not bad at all!!

We had a few days in the falling snow and it is enough, 
now I am waiting for the green and listening to the chirping birdies outside my window.

I took some great shots out there in the bogs for the last few days
 and that will keep me going for a while.

Now! Bring on the spring flowers and the bright warm sun! 

Connemara landscape, winter, snow
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Winter Connemara Landscape  Snowy Connemara landscape from the bogs

Snowy Connemara landscape,road, trees, bogs

snowy Connemara landscape, road, boxer dog

Snowy Connemara landscape, road, trees

Boxer dogs playing in the snow, road, trees, Connemara, Galway

Beautiful frozen ferns by the snowy road, 2 boxers playing   snowy winter seen from Connemara. Galway.Ireland

Thursday, January 31, 2019


There are days when the weather can be as moody as any person around us.

One moment clear sky, the next foggy and drizzling quietly or blasting gales and rainbows in between...
If that is not moody, I don't know what is... 
Because this is how it's been for a while now and everyone around me is either sick or moody as hell...

What shall we do? 
Well, I go out and take some photos to chill and mentally cool down. How about you?

Connemara landscape, moody sky and bad weather

Connemara landscape, moody sky and bad weather

moody landscape, stone wall and a tree

Connemara landscape, windmills in distance, dogs and moody weather

2 boxers on a road to nowhere, Connemara, moody weather

gogs, golden grass, Connemara landscape, dark moody sky

Typical Connemara Landscape, moody weather and dark sky

road thorough the bogs, moody weather, Connemara

lonely daisy growing in the middle of a small road, Connemara

Connemara landscape, moody weather

Connemara landscape, moody sky and Connemara ponies

Annie Japaud - photographer, blogger, baker and cake maker 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Eyre street walk in Galway City

sitting Duck cafe, Galway

What is the first thing that pops up in my head about  Eyre street?

For me it's one of those Galway short cuts, you take it without thinking and always in a hurry.  

Next time you are there, take my advice, slow down and enjoy all the colourful shop fronts. 

Also, a little hint, if you start counting you would be amazed by the amount of hairdressers and cafes they had fitted on this short street.

So, next time you are in Galway, visit Eyre street, admire some gorgeous street art, stop for a coffee or tea in one of those cosy cafes and then continue on your way. Life goes on, but we need to stop and live a little...

Cheerio and catch you later  

Photographer Blogger Baker and Cake Maker

Monday, January 14, 2019

Killarainey Woods Walk, Moycullen

I know some people don't even think twice about doing this walk since they live just right next to it but hey, we are not all neighbors all right?!

We went there on a cloudy grey weekend day with the two boxers and boy was that a mistake..It was so muddy and full of people... 
The dogs had a blast meeting so many furry friends but I am not really fond of mud up to my ankles (really in some parts) but it is a very popular walk so a lot of people come here with dogs, kids and friends.

I prefer something more secluded and peaceful..So I can let the dogs run and play while I take photos..

But every path is worth exploring and this is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a leisurely walk with the kids.

More places to walk in Moycullen

holy branches in the woods

winter grass

naked trees, Moycullen woods

dogs in the woods

dog in the woods

tree bark, Moycullen woods

On the pier, Lough Down

Lough Down , Moycullen

Lough Down, Moycullen

naked birch trees

Lough Down, Moycullen

Lough Down, Moycullen

boxer dog on a pier


Moycullen Woods

Moycullen Woods Moycullen woods

Moycullen Woods walk

Lough Down, Moycullen

Herriatage sign at the entrance of the walk

entrance sign to Killarainey Woods Walk, Moycullen