Thursday, September 6, 2018

Moycullen After The Rain

Most people believe that nature is more beautiful than cities, towns or villages. For me, from my own photographer's point of view urban photography is as exciting as the wide open expanse of Connemara bog lands and mountains. 

Last month walking into Moycullen early in the morning, right after a light rain, I found myself absolutely hypnotized by the colours,  contrasts and compositions visible everywhere in this little village.  I just had to pause and take a few shots. 

No one can resist a challenge like that. Being on the right spot at the right time is every photographer's dream. 

main street Moycullen, image of The Coach House
The Coach House

interesting angle image of the coach house

interesting angle image of Moycullen

The pharmacy in Moycullen on the main road
O'Connor's Pharmacy

photo of the Emlily Jean  logo

Emily Jean attelier
Emily Jean Atelier 

WHite Gables photo
White Gables Galway

O'conors pharmacy

view of Moycullen and the bus stop

The Coach House
The Coach House

view of Moycullen

view of Moycullen

Regans bar

Emily Jean attelier

houses from Moycullen

moycullen houses

view of Moycullen through some greenery

blossoming shrub in Moycullen

blossoming shrub and view of Moycullen

blossoming shrubs and view of Moycullen

interesting frame with a view of main street Moycullen

Moycullen view and the Forge

Moycullen view, The Forge and the foot path on the side

The Forge behind shrubs
The Forge

 Earlier this summer I took several photo walks through our lovely village and the area 

Moycullen at dawn

The Gorgeous green - walking Curra area


Saturday, September 1, 2018


Everyone knows we had the best summer in hundreds of years 

And guess what? I didn't make it to the beach, ANY BEACH, all summer.

What can I do, I am a busy bee, I work a lot and have no time to go anywhere after work. Sad really. In a way I like it I guess otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. 

Fear not, I made it to Barna beach a couple of days ago. One major disappointment though - I couldn't find my bathing suit before we left!! I had to satisfy myself with soaking my feet and the water was so warm and lovely, it was a pure torture being there and not being able to swim.

When I came home I turned my wardrobe upside down and managed to find the elusive bathing suit. 

Now I am waiting for the next trip to the beach. I hope it is before next summer...

Beach, Barna, stones, daisies, Landscape


View of Barna beach, water, stones, daisies

houses reflected in the water and the sand on the beach

waves on the beach, pier at the back

waves at the front, mountains at the back

seascape from Barna waves, sand, pier at the back

landscape from the beach, mountains at the back, water, grass, stones

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Exploring Galway - colours and unexpected art

crown at a pub, colourful place
When I first arrived in Galway so many years ago I was totally amazed how alive, busy and absolutely intoxicating Galway city was.

Shop street was so busy we could hardly find our way through the crowd. The pretty little shops, the pubs and restaurants everything was packed to the brim with tourists, visitors and locals alike laughing, talking very loud, shopping and basically having fun. Believe me it is impressive if you are not used to seeing such a busy city life.

Then the bad years of the recession came and the city changed. It was suddenly so empty and so quiet it was sad to look at. Luckily that image of Galway is already forgotten except from those who were really affected and lost a lot during those years.

Today, walking these same streets, I can see that image is absolutely gone and forgotten. Galway is back to its true self - wild, full of life and bustling with opportunities and hope.
Exploring the streets of Galway is a real pleasure - enjoying all the colours, the life and excitement all around me I feel better already.

So get out and explore, you might find something you are looking for...  

people walking shop street, Galway
Walking Shop Street

Blake's bar, Galwaya

shop window

McSwiggan's Galway

note saying: made in Galway at the market  hat stand at the market

shopping at the market
Rambling through Galway Market 

shopping for art at the market
Plenty of art to choose from 

clothes and sheep bags at the market

sheep bags at the market
Visiting Ireland? You got to get a sheep in some form and shape to bring home!!

  display of sheep figurines

My friend from A piece of Ireland showing that the cute little sheep are not her only important work

sheep figurines

Cycling is the better way to move around!!

bicycle on the street

Ed Sheeran's face on a wall in Galway
You can't go to Galway and not hear Ed's name or see his face somewhere

Ed Sheeran's face on a wall
The Loft

building by the river, Il Vicollo
Il Vicolo along the river

yellow building
Galway Arms Inn

Dela restaurant  Aniar restaurant
Dela Restaurant    and   Aniar Restaurant      

random wall with a drawing on it
I just love all the colours and unexpected art you can find in Galway

decorated and painted voltage box

beautiful drawings on a wall

pretty building

man playing the whistle, drawing on a wall

blue house

pretty street art on a house

kashmir restaurantgalway

green door with decoration

view of galway
Gourmet Tart Co.

view of Galway

   Lovely view of Galwayview from Galway  

colourful view of Galway

view from Galway

End of shop street at Spanish arch

Burgerstory restaurant   claddagh jewellery

                      Burger strory                     Claddagh Jewellery           

Kumar's Taste of Asia

colourful Cupan Tae
Cupan Tae

shop street Galway

shop street, Galway
McDonagh's seafood

bright red building

couple looking at flowers  flower shop  

flower shop, Galway
Yes Flowers
flower shop, trees, Galway
Yes Flowers

purple building
Tigh Nora - Galway's most popular gin bar

flags, banners and crowds
Shop Street

white and red building, Galway
Sleepzone hostel Galway

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