Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Finally! After a hard winter we get what we patiently deserve!

Maybe even a bit too much but don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, just not used to the heat and the sun anymore. It is easy to forget about it  means  during the constant rain and thick cloud cover.

At last, here in Connemara and All of Ireland a real paradise was unveiled from behind the clouds. It feels as if Ireland has moved out to the South of Europe somewhere, close distance from Sahara. And we are all loving it.  

Majority of the population is moving around as red as lobsters and still they are not complaining. We will take this sun as long as it is here because we know this heaven will not last forever. 

Look at that blue!! Galway is absolutely mesmerising under the sun. The crowds are out walking the streets and not knowing where to hide and what to do with themselves so everyone is gravitation towards the Spanish arch and Salthill where they sprawl under the sun soaking it in.  

Nothing wrong with that. They are definitely the best places to be in town.  I didn't have a chance to visit Salthill and the beach but I spent some time at Spanish arch, listening to the crowds, taking some photos and feeling the cool breeze on my skin under that vast gorgeous blue sky. Fantastic.  
Wish you were there..







The full photo story with even more images and videos you can find in my Galway Collection on Google +  

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