Saturday, September 1, 2018


Everyone knows we had the best summer in hundreds of years 

And guess what? I didn't make it to the beach, ANY BEACH, all summer.

What can I do, I am a busy bee, I work a lot and have no time to go anywhere after work. Sad really. In a way I like it I guess otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. 

Fear not, I made it to Barna beach a couple of days ago. One major disappointment though - I couldn't find my bathing suit before we left!! I had to satisfy myself with soaking my feet and the water was so warm and lovely, it was a pure torture being there and not being able to swim.

When I came home I turned my wardrobe upside down and managed to find the elusive bathing suit. 

Now I am waiting for the next trip to the beach. I hope it is before next summer...

Beach, Barna, stones, daisies, Landscape


View of Barna beach, water, stones, daisies

houses reflected in the water and the sand on the beach

waves on the beach, pier at the back

waves at the front, mountains at the back

seascape from Barna waves, sand, pier at the back

landscape from the beach, mountains at the back, water, grass, stones

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