Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exploring summer

road surrounded by green bushy trees
Today I propose a change of subject. Instead of places to visit I offer you an insight into the local Irish flora. And what better time than a lovely summer morning when the light is bright and exciting, the colours are glowing and beautiful and the air is rich with fragrant aromas. Imaging you are walking with me on this little country road just out of Oughterard, enjoying the summer and admiring the gorgeous lush vegetation. I snapped at all the flowers I could find in this area and took close ups of some of the trees. 
Have a walk with me. Enjoy 
leaf with raindrops

Laurel leaves

leaf with raindrops



flower seeds


white flower


yellow flowers

Fool's parsley

white flower and 2 dogs at the back

blossoming pink shrub

white flowers


fireweed - purple flowers

purple flowers

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