Saturday, June 29, 2013

Walking the Bogs

Somewhere in the area between Rosscahil and the Lough Corrib there is a unique place, abundant with blankets of bogs, patches of karst landscape, groves of hazel trees and a quilt of wild flowers spreading  over everything.

Taking a walk on the little roads is a very enjoyable experience. In June, the flowers are at their best, the green is lush and verdant. The daisies are going crazy everywhere. It's my favourite time of the year. Taking the time to walk the bog roads is the perfect summer entertainment for any outdoor lovers. 
Enjoy the view.

There was a bit of a very pleasant breeze! 

I was a bit of a curiosity there for a while

thanks for the visit everyone!!

Have a look at this trip to the bogs  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Owenriff Walk

If you go down the Pier road in Oughterard, at some point on your left side there is a little bridge and a path. Do not hesitate and turn to the left, follow that path and go to the river. Enjoy the shimmering water moving slowly towards the lake. Enjoy the colourful boats tied up along the banks of the Owenriff river and simply let your worries go. Breathe in that fresh summer air and forget that town is just 10 minutes walk from where you stand. This is what I really love about Oughterard, in a few minutes you can be in the countryside and at the same time, you are practically in town. Enjoy the Owenriff walk.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sheep Race, Oughterard

The Sheep race is a charity event that happens every year. This year, it was postponed once because of bad weather. That was a really good move because the weather this weekend was absolutely perfect for outdoor events. It was actually roasting hot and sunny. The people looked happy and relaxed as if strolling on the beach. A myriad amount of flowery hats and dresses was visible throughout the event. There were smiles all round, It was a true family day out with barbecue, raffle, spud picking, long puc, penalty shoot out, pony rides and much more. 
Since Oughterard is such a small place, hosting something similar sure brings out a nice crowd. Kids were running everywhere, people were chatting and gossiping, and of course cheering the jockies and the sheep! 
Enjoy the random snapshots from the Sheep Races in Oughterard!

the stars of the show:

The Jokies have assumed positions 

Ready steady go!
I have to admit that the sheep really needed a lot of encouragement to go into the right direction, a few times they doubled back where they started from and it took a lot of effort to keep them on the right tracks

 It was a fabulous family event, and I really think everyone had fun. I am sure the wonderful sunny weather had something to do with that as well

 All the beautiful hats and dresses...

Those two ladies worked hard for 3 hours 
to satisfy the picky customers

The little house was very busy all day long

 And this is the man in charge if it all
Harry Walsh, hard at work

Thank you for organizing such a great event!!

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