Monday, May 4, 2015

May Bank Holiday Nature walk

Once May Bank holiday is here and gone we expect the summer to start right away with great weather and blue skies...

daffodils Be realistic, look around, the leaves are still tiny, the cherries and apple trees are still blossoming... Even the hawthorns are nowhere ready to bloom, so I say, summer can wait a bit more.

If you take a walk through the countryside you can really feel it very well. The green hasn't arrived yet, not really, the golden winter grasses are still hugging the hills and fields... Some trees are still naked even at the beginning of May, amazing this is spring for you in Ireland.

Just a bit longer, people, May Bank holiday is just over and the summer will be here soon before we know it.

For now lets enjoy the photos from this May Bank Holiday Nature walk 


flowering gorse and blue sky

collage of images with blue tones, sky, branches, trees


view over Lough Corrib, Ireland

view towards Lough Corrib, dry grasses and blue sky

view towards Lough Corrib

view towards Lough Corrib from the Connemara hills

nature images collage, dry grasses, Ireland , Connemara

boxer dog, standing in dry grass, looking over the landscape

boxer dogs resting in the dry grassboxer dog

boxer dog ewalking in dry grass

naked branches in golden light

flowering gorse 

new green leaves on branches

pink camellia blossoms

tulips growing in a pot

dandelion in green grass

green grass and raindrops

Thanks for walking with me

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