Saturday, April 20, 2013

CLIFFS OF MOHER unforgettable and impressive

This is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland. It is not possible to visit Ireland and not to come here. 

To stand in the rain and brace yourself against the wild wind, hoping that you will not fly over the edge... You will never forget that experience. 

I have been here 4-5 times and only once the weather was good. What I mean by that is that it did not pour cats and dogs and the wind was fairly calm.

Nevertheless, the view is magnificent and it is by all means worth the trip.     

view of the cliffs

collage from CLIFFS OF MOHER © Annie Japaud Photography

CLIFFS OF MOHER © Annie Japaud Photography collage

magnificent image of the tall cliffs above the waters

image of the "dangerous cliff edge "sign

view of the CLIFFS OF MOHER © Annie Japaud Photography

view of the CLIFFS OF MOHER grass at the front

view from the cliff towards the water

looking down off the cliffs

image of grass and stone plates

looking down towards the water

looking towards the water

Thanks for the visit!

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