Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Snowy Winter of 2018

It's been quite a snowy winter so far. 

I have to admit we haven't had such cold weather here in Ireland since the Big Freeze of 2010 

Frosty Connemara landscape at sunrise

I love cold and snow since I come from a country where there is an abundance of both. I love the feeling of freezing air on my face and the almost painful crispness of the bone chilling wind. Weird, isn't it? 
But as much as  I would enjoy the snow and cold in Bulgaria, I don't feel the same about it here. Ireland is not used to such extreme temperature fluctuations  and is definitely not prepared for it. I do prefer a dry crispy day than a pouring rain any time, don't take me wrong. 

I did not have great opportunities for photography since I was working most of the time but I managed to do a few snaps while walking the dogs.   
Here you go. The images are mixed from different walks. 

The Snowy Winter of  2018

Snowy road in Connemara

dry wall, frosted with snow

frozen moss on stone boulders, Connemara

winding road, sunrise, Connemara

Sun flare by a lonely tree in the countryside, frost

sunrise over the frozen stone wall

snowy Connemara landscape

Snowy Connemara landscape


I just have to add that when we talk about snow in Ireland it mainly means a light dusting of white over the scene. 

Do not imagine 2 meter snow drifts.... :-)

I am writing this in January 2019 because in March 2018 I was proven wrong when the big snow started falling. Have a look in HERE 

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