Friday, July 19, 2013

Let's go to the Beach

     I am sure that everyone who lives close to the ocean or the sea has their favourite secret beaches. I know, we have them too, they change over the years but that summer urge to dip into the cooling waters never eases up. Especially when the weather is so hot, all I think about is sinking in the invigorating waters of the ocean, that feeling of the chilling watery caress (don't forget, I am talking about the Galway bay after all), relaxing into it and letting go to drift staring up at the gorgeous blue sky.... Doesn't it sound perfect?
 So, I decided to share a few shots from my secret beaches, all in the Spiddal area.

     Probably you are wondering how did I find this gorgeous place? Very easy actually, it is a short drive from Galway, through the town of SpiddaL and then the Second Beach sign to the left. Enjoy.

beach, grass, water, sun

beach, water,  path, sand

beach, people in the water, people on the sand,

beach view, mountains across the water

beach scenery

beach scenery

path, sand, road marker pointing to the beach



seascape, fisherman

seascape, rocks

fisherman, rocks, water

water, someone swimming, rocks

people sitting at the rocks by the beach

beautiful scene by the sea and the rocks

lovely scene by the water with rocks

people sitting on the sandy beach

blue seascape

blue seascape

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