Monday, October 16, 2017

Oughterard in the Fall

Oughterard, Galway, Ireland, village, road, boat, flowers

If you find yourself walking in the village one early foggy morning you will discover how peaceful, calm and wonderful it is.

The colours of autumn are so warm and bright against the white softness of the fog, every sound is subdued and hushed, there is no one about... Perfect...

What an amazing feeling. I just love where I live.

Welcome to Oughterard, the Gateway to Connemara 

sign, map, Oughterard, Galway, Ireland, road, village

road, bench, village, Oughterard, Galway, Ireland

bench, road, autumn, village, Oughterard, Galway

bench, under a tree, autumn, colourful, village, Oughterard, Galway

bench, road, village, Oughterard, Galway

sign, road, map, Oughterard, Galway

collage, autumn colours, oughterard, Galway

road, bench, Oughterard, Galway

bench, road, Galway, autumn

bench, road, autumn, Oughterard, Galway

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why I love Early Mornings

I think, after you see these photos you won't need any explanation whatsoever.
For me, early morning is the best time of the day. 

The sun is about to rise, the air is clear and fresh as if no one has taken a single breath yet and there is nobody around except me and my dogs...PERFECT

  This is why I love Early Mornings

medowsweet, flowers, sunrise, Galway, Connemara

roses, pink, by the road

pink roses, stone wallpink roses, stone wall

Sunrise on the road

walking early in the morning, road

road, Connemara, green

Fire weed flowers

I guess I know now why they are named Fireweed flowers

fire weed flowers and sunrise

fireweed flowers and sunrise

fireweed flowers and sunrise

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