Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Oughterard at dawn

So, I wake up the other Sunday and I discover that there is no butter in the house. 

dark, road, street lights

My first thought was of hungry kids and husband looking for toast in an hour or two. I made myself coffee in a takeaway mug and off I went on the way to town in search of butter. 
Bear in mind it was Sunday and it was still about 7 in the morning so I was wondering if anywhere will be even open. But I prepared myself for a nice walk and once I was on my way I saw the first light of the coming day...That was it... The fun began and I almost forgot why I went out in the first place. I started taking photos and it was simply fantastic.

Don't you just love it when you can get lost into doing something and forget about everything else?! It is really so relaxing and cleansing and refreshing. This is what photography is for me, peace for my mind, a quiet place where I need to go and just create and make real things with my imagination. I love it. I need it. It keeps me sane.
Unfortunately the phone is not a great quality photo maker in the dark but I like the graininess and texture it adds to the photos almost like a real film camera they even remind me a bit of pinhole camera images.

Luckily, I found my butter right there, at the trusty and reliable corner store ( apparently Connor's is always open!! Man, this guy works hard!!)  but unfortunately that meant I had to turn back home.

Never mind,  I had a fab hour walking into the sunrise and enjoying the birth of the new day.
Next time you are out of butter, I am telling you, it is worth taking a walk looking for some...

dark, road, street lights dark, road, street lights

houses in the darkness

a house in the dark, street lights

sky is getting light dawn, houses

street signs, street light

house in the morning light, road

oughterard at dawn

The trusted Corner Store in Oughterard 
photo of the corner store

The reason I went out in the first place :-)
photo of a pack of butter

trees in the sunrise, sky

The day is definitely waking up 
landscape, rural, countryside


 Here is a link to the album with all the photos I took that morning

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