Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nowhere in a hurry - Birchall, Co. Galway, Ireland

Lough Corrib, Birchall, Co. Galway, Ireland, 

This was a fabulous place, we used to love going there. 

Not anymore, because for the convenience of the fishermen the little crescent of land that is visible in the images at the back, bristling with bushes and wild grass was flattened with bulldozers. The place really lost its charm after that...
That day the light was really dreamy and luminous, there was a bit of fog drifting around, perfect conditions for photos.

These images are like a portal in time. Enjoy!!

Nowhere in a hurry
lake, boats

lake, boats

lake, boats

lake, boats

lake, boat, reflection, water

lake, boats, water

lake, boats, water, kids playing

kids, lake, reflection

Thank you for the visit!!

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