Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hiding from the Heat

     Finally. A real heat wave. 
We have been waiting for one of those for the last 5 years. And for once it is really hot, soaring 30 degrees or so. When did that actually happened here in Ireland? I am sure no one can remember.
The best time to enjoy the outdoors right now is very early in the morning and since the sun is up and about at around 4.30 am you can imagine how early that could be. 
The other good time of the day is obviously in the evening. It is a different feeling from the early morning but it is very enjoyable, peaceful and after the hot temperatures during the day it feels wonderfully breezy, cool and so refreshing. 
For me the place to be on a day like that would be somewhere close to water. Here is another photo walk along the Owenriff river.

And finally, the best way to get around in summer:

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