Monday, July 15, 2013

Rambling through the Countryside

My early morning walk today was an amazingly blissful experience!! Everyone was still sleeping when I left, I didn't meet anyone and there were hardly any cars on the road. It was wonderfully quiet, so hushed and peaceful as if there was a forcefield covering and protecting everything around me. All creatures savoured the last of the refreshing morning coolness before the summer heat would descent upon us all. Even the birds were not singing and the farmers were nowhere to be seen.
   It is Sunday after all. We all need a day to relax. 
     If you wish to experience this wonderful blissful moment and you happen to be passing through Oughterard, or staying here over the weekend, all you need to do is start early, between 7 and 8 am, and take the road to Costelloe and Rossaveel,it continues up from Station road. If you walk up for about an hour you will arrive to a view point with a magnificent vista in front of you. Of if you don't have the strength, experience or stamina to continue all the way up the hills, just go as far as you can, it will still be a peaceful and enjoyable countryside ramble.

Hope you enjoyed your walk with me

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