Monday, August 12, 2013

Peaceful sunrise on the Bog Road

I have mentioned The Bog road on many occasions and I have a lot of images from there, any season, any time of the day. You can find the little road on the way to the pier in Oughterard. A small turn to the right and here you go. It is a fair walk from other parts of town so it is always good to be prepared (in case of rain for example  ;))

I got on the bike the other day, the camera strapped around me and I took off for an early morning ride. I ended up on the Bog road and believe me it was a magical and fabulous experience. The sun was just rolling off the Lough Corrib and climbing up towards the sky. The trees were still stretching up, their leaves fresh and green with golden light speckled through. I was the only person anywhere around. The only disturbance in the whole area was created unfortunately by my presence - I startled a fox, which was peacefully trotting along the Pier road and had to suddenly bolt and run for cover.
The moment was fantastic.
It had that wonderfully peaceful summer feeling that makes everything better. Enjoy!

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