Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking The Golden Mile in Oughterard

Once you are in Oughterard, even though it's such a small village, there are quite  few places you can go, plenty of things you can do. Everyone knows that Oughterard is every fisherman's paradise, if you are into fishing obviously. From here you have access to the Lough Corrib which harbors some of the biggest fish around. I know, because I have seen with my own eye photos of those fish and I know some of those hopelessly devoted fishermen. But since I know nothing about fishing, I can not really help you with more information about that, or tell you the best spots for the biggest fish ( but I do know, it is a very closely kept secret by the way)
But since I am the outdoors type of person, I can help you discover the best places for a good walk or maybe a picnic too.
Right now the summer is at it's best and in a full swing. If you are staying here in Oughterard, there is one lovely little place you can go for a perfect evening walk with the kids or a friend.
This place is The Golden Mile. The start is at the entrance to the waterfall on N59 and it finishes on the Station road. I have selected a few images from the last part of the Golden Mile, just before the Station road end at the Workhouse graveyard. Notice the beautiful dark summer green engulfing everything everywhere. The wonderful ferns that have grown so high this year turn the landscape into a summer jungle. Enjoy this view with me.

My companions, faithfully waiting for me to stop shooting and continue walking finally...

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