Saturday, January 18, 2014

Foggy day in the Bogs

As I was wondering what to share with you I came up with those foggy images from the Bogs in Oughterard, a bit of nature and landscape photography from a few years ago which I haven't shared yet. 

I have to say that walking the bogs is a fascinating experience for me, I find them beautiful, exciting and fascinating, especially in summer, and most of the time extremely wet!! So don not venture in there without some wellies and certainly don't decide to cross bog lands on your own thinking you can do it as a short cut!! It is most likely impossible!!!

Believe me, I have tried. The things I have done with my camera!!!!

Anyway here we are in the bog lands around Oughterard, someone most likely will recognize the place, and well done to you, for the rest of you -- enjoy!!

very foggy and cloudy view with shapes of trees in the distance
Please click on the images to view as a slideshow 
an image of a foggy filed with trees in the distance melting in the fog

an image of a muddy road leading into the bogs

small country road leading into a field

small road leading into fields, green grass everywheremore puddles on a country road with rusty grass on the sides

small road with puddles leading into the fog, rusty grass on the sides

lots of puddles on a muddy country road, rusty autumn grass, fog in the distance

rusty colours in the grass, wet road with puddles, fog at the back

a bog road leading into the fields, fog in the distance

autumn scene, coloured grass, small road leading into the bogs, lots of puddles, fog

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