Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Fantastic Winter Colours of Connemara

Usually people BELIEVE that in winter nature has no colour, that there is only grey, brown and nameless mixtures in between. 

So I am on a mission to PROVE everyone who believes that WRONG. 

Have a look at the fantastic winter colours of Connemara. The gorgeous rusty and golden hues mixing together to oblivion.  Enjoy

Connemara landscape, with mountains, lakes and beautiful coloured grasses

lake mountains and grasses at the front of the picture

Connemara landscape, golden grasses and lake and mountains  beautiful Connemara landscape with lake, mountains, house

grass image close up at the front, golden background at the back

a gourse bush at the front and a very golden grass landscape and the back of the image

colourful landscape from Connemara

mountain landscape with clouds at the mountain tops and rusty grasses

mountains with golden grasses and clouds at the mountain tops

mountains with golden grasses

mountains, lakes and golden grasses landscape

landscape from Connemara with a lake, mountains and golden coloured grass

landscape image from Connemara with a lake and mountains at the back

landscape image with a lake, golden grass, mountains at the back  landscape image with golden grass and a little house

landscape image with golden colored grass

Welcome to Connemara
Bunnagippaun, Oughterard, Co Galway, Ireland 

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