Sunday, June 24, 2018

Moycullen at Dawn

Recently I started a serious exercising routine very early in the morning since the gorgeous weather so calls for it, and I had this fabulous opportunity to walk Moycullen in peace and quiet long before anyone wakes up.

I was so impressed by the loveliness of the place that I had to compose a short blog post with a few lovely photos to prove what I am talking about.

I don't know what is your favourite time of the day but believe me there is nothing better than waking up at the crack of dawn. Everything looks prettier, more colourful, sharper, the air is so clean and crisp, the light breeze frisky and cool to the touch. You need that when the temperature rises above the mid 20s during the day.

So, have a quick walk with me through Moycullen at dawn

The Coach House, Moycullen

  the coach house, Moycullen  the coach house, Moycullen

the coach house, Moycullen

Lovely view of Moycullen with an amazing blue sky 

view of Moycullen, blue sky

roses growing on a wall

the forge, Moycullen

The Forge Pub and Eatery

early morning at the forge, Moycullen

flowers at the forge  moycullen  flowers at the forge, Moycullen

the forge, Moycullen

old house, very blue sky

flower in the grass, house in the background flowers in the grass

beware of dogs sign, Moycullen

house in Moycullen

flowers in the morning light roses, pink

early morning image from An Fuaran

an fuaran, center of  moycullen

connemara pony connemara pony

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Connemara pony
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horse on a field, Moycullen

farm, fence, metal, shadows

cute cottage in Moycullen

cute cottage, Moycullen

shadow, gate, Moycullen

daisies, Moycullendaisy

No matter where you are in #Moycullen and the area, the sights are amazing

green countryside, Moycullen area

green countryside, Moycullen area

 old house flowers Moycullen  old house, grenery, Moycullen

old house, flowers, Moycullen

Regan's bar and grocer, Moycullen

Regan's Bar and Grocer

Regans' bar and grocer, Moycullen Regan's bar and grocer, Moycullen

Regan's Bar and Grocer, Moycullen

Regan's bar and grocer, Moycullen  regans bar and grocer, Moycullen

 regan's bar and grocer, Moycullen

White Gables Galway 

white gables restaurant image outside, flowers

White Gables restaurant image from outside with flowers

What do you think, Isn't Moycullen a lovely village?

You can also have a quick walk through OUGHTERARD one early summer morning 

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