Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thinking of Oughterard

Today I was planning of posting something entirely different but then I came across those images of Oughterard in my data base and I just had to work on them a little and share them with everyone.

So here you go guys, here is me thinking of Oughterard:

Sunrise stars on Main street
main street, Oughterard, sun-flare, sunrise, houses, passing cars

Busy summer Oughterard, I just love the flags 
Oughterard, main street, houses, cars, people, tourists,

Oughterard, summer, busy streets, people, tourists, cars,

Crossing the bridge on Clifden Road N59
Oughterard, bridge, green trees, houses

The best seat in Oughterard park 
Oughterard park, green trees, benches

The view from the surrounding hills towards Oughterard and the Lough Corrib
View of Oughterard and Lough Corrib from the hills, green trees, summer

A beautiful random house from town
window, roses, door, house, Irish,

Nothing beats a sunset on the pier
sunset, Oughterard pier, boat, fishing, ripples in the water, coloured sky, clouds

Thanks for being here

More images from Oughterard can be found through the links on the right side of the posts

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