Sunday, September 28, 2014

GALWAY CITY secret places

Every city has its own special secret places that mean a lot to someone and sadly nothing to others. 

Galway is one of those magical places with incredible lively ambiance and a spirit of its own.
I have lived here for quite a few years and walked its streets with my camera in rain and sunshine, good weather, bad name it.

I will show you a few secret places and snapshots from different parts of town all taken in the last few years. Some are easy to find, others are not that readily revealed to anyone.

You need to know where to go to see the real secret places

windows with flowers, Galway city

shop sign, Galway city

decorated door, Galway citydrawing of a woman, wall, Galway city

wine barrel on the street of Galway city

Abandoned building in Galway city

Abandoned building in Galway city

building in ruins in Galway city

Colourful drawings on buildings in Galway city

drawings on a door in Galway city

Shop street in Galway city

Galway city in details, metals rails

Galway city streets, gate

Galway city streets

shop sign, Galway city

galway city, shop signs

Galway city cathedral doors

Galway city bench, street

Galway city streets

gate, window, galway city

window, wall, street sign, Galway city

windows, wall, Galway

doors and windows in different colours in Galway city

Guinness drawings  on a wall in Galway

   thanks for being here!! 

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