Monday, January 15, 2018

The World For Myself

It seems that lately I am taking a lot of photos in the dark or right at the crack of dawn..

What can I say?! It is so much fun. I find it kind of exciting being awake so early, I also love the stillness and the peace. It is like having the whole world for myself, as selfish as that sounds, I just love it!!  
One of those rare moments when I feel and do as I please, long before everyone wakes up and before the day starts rolling along its usual tracks. 

night image of a thatched cottage

early morning blue light and a thatched cottage

thatched cottage, garden, early morning

blue sky, moon, night image, roof

garden in darkness, tree, moon blue sky, thatched cottage

tree, thatched cottage, blue sky, darkness
thatched cottage  in the semi darkness, blue sky, moon

thatched cottage, blue skys

looking at the first signs of dawn in the night sky

first signs of dawn in the sky

thatched cottage in the darkness

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