Wednesday, December 19, 2018

PROJECT Walking Connemara

2018 was a fantastic year for my photographic development, a real stepping stone. Where I go from here is all up to me.

road through the bogs, ConnemaraIt was during last summer that my new project was born. What is my project about? It is about love. My love for Connemara, my love for my dogs which I walk every day. My never dying love for photography that keeps me going every single day. And when you mix all that together all those images came out that I have been posting with the hashtag #WalkingConnemara and this is how this project was born.

Walking is the best thing a person can do. It's free, it's therapeutic, it clears the mind and cleanses the soul. When I walk I get my best ideas and inspirations. 

road, man walking his dog, autumn light

I am also extremely lucky that I live in such an amazingly beautiful part of the world where mind-blowing scenery is literally a few minutes walking distance from any village or city. 

I walk Connemara every day and I never tire of the views, rough winding bog roads, country cottages and magnificent mountains. I try to catch the amazing colours and beautiful ever-changing light of Connemara to bring happiness and joy to anyone who sees my images. 

I want to make people feel better and inspired after seeing my captures of Connemara, I want them to say Wow, this is amazing, and I want to go there! And the best part is you don't have to travel far because you can just walk there with me.

Let's walk Connemara together..  

stone wall and frosty ferns, Connemara

snow, Connemara, winter, ferns dog walking on a country lane, foggy winter landscape

snow blizzard Connemara, Ireland

green summer forest, Connemara, Ireland

road through the bogs, Connemara, Ireland

ruin by the river, daffodils

wild roses blossoming, deserted house

Connemara pony, Connemara, Ireland

Connemara farms roads

Here is the rest of  WALKING CONNEMARA

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