Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Derroura Mountain Bike Trail, CONNEMARA

This is one of those fabulous places where you can do many things - you can go with your bikes, obviously, or you can just pack a picnic and go with the kids for a stroll, or you can take it more seriously and prepare yourself for a  whole day hike through the mountains. The track is 17 kilometers long and loops in a circle to  the parking lot where you started from. There are forest roads for the less experienced hikers or bikers and then there are the paths which are absolutely fantastic!! It is simply an amazing day out no matter how you go about it. 
     I really doubt that it is in any guides which is a shame because this is a fabulous place only a few kilometers out of Oughterard on the way to Clifden on N59. The little entrance is right opposite Lough Boffin. 
     And the views are absolutely spectacular!!

     The view from the top of the mountains is breathtaking above the sea of verdant pines. 

More photos from Derroura Thank you for the visit.
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And try Connemara in a dream. You won't be sorry!!

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