Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oughterard, Another great find

I was walking home the other day through the lovely village of Oughterard when I came upon something new. I just love when people have artistic outburst! 

I am going to start with a new window decoration on one of the deserted buildings on main street, right next to the Post Office.
Isn't it just great when people come up with great ides like that!
I love human ingenuity and sense of art and the gift to create something out of nothing.
I am so happy that there are people like that among us to brighten up our day.

So, join my photo walk through Oughterard and discover a few great finds with me.

Please, tell me what you think!!

I have to start with this discovery, I simply have to share with you all!!! Isn't it gorgeous!!
Well done, I say, to the person who brightened up this old and rusty corner.

And then just a few meters away, there is this little gem!!

This is the boat at the entrance of town which is rather a cool idea as well.

  I got this lovely find on the benches in front of the health center 

Then I continued my walk down Main Street 

We can get ready for Halloween already too!!

I always liked the metal Boat Inns sign

And the cheerfulness of the tourist shop

Living notes around can only be helpful

Almost at the end of my walk I met this curious fellow

I also had time to admire the golden leaves of course :)

Have a great day!! Wherever you are!

Another great photo walk in Oughterard

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