Monday, November 16, 2015

Galway in the Rain

Sometimes when the weather is out of control the only option for photos is from a moving vehicle. 

Obviously, not when driving. The best is to hitch a ride with a friend and snap away. 

Believe me, it's real fun 

Here is my collection of images from Galway in the rain, collected over the last few years. 

In Galway city the rain hardly ever stops, so there is plenty of opportunity for this sort of fun over and over again.... Enjoy!!!

Galway in the rain

Galway city seen through the windows of a car in the falling rain

Galway images in the rain

Galway in the rain 
Galway city in the rain, people walking, taxi waiting

Galway in the rain

Galway city, all wet in the rain

Galway city all wet in the rain

Galway in the rain

a rainy day in Galway city

cyclist passing by

Galway cathedral in the rain

traffic jam in the rain

silhouettes in the rain

silhouettes in the rain

silhouettes in the rain

traffic light in the rain

Galway Shopping center sign

image from the Galway shopping center sign roundabout  
waiting at the crossroad in Galway

pretty tail lights in the rain

Lidl car park, Galway

on the road in the rain in Galway

riding into the sunset in the rain, Galway

driving in the rain, sunset, Galway

Maybe there is a hope for the next day after all with a sunset like this one!! 

Another version of this article is published in  The Craic in Galway  

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