Thursday, June 9, 2016

Upper Glann road, Oughterard, Galway

I've been quiet for so long it's about time I wrote another post. 

Many things happened, work was crazy, you don't need to hear my excuses... The most important thing is I have a new stomping ground and slowly slowly, I am collecting a new gallery that I will share with you eventually.

I will start with a few lovely images from Upper Glann road in Oughterard, a fabulous place that leads to the Hill of Doon - another major tourist spot that deserves a few blog posts of it's own.

Oughterard is an amazing place, so full of wonderful places to explore. 

I am so happy that I live here.

sunrise  © Annie Japaud Photography

view of lough Corrib early in the morning

Connemara landscapes

Connemara roads

perfect Connemara landscape

sunrise from Connemara

the perfect bench, Connemara, Galway

gorse landscapes, Connemara

gorse landscape, Connemara

Follow the Connemara road

landscape with blue sky

Connemara landscape

Beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds, Connemara landscape

Annie Japaud photography selfie

Looking towards the mountains, Connemara

daisies, Connemara

daisies in the perfect morning lightdaisies in the perfect morning light

Irish green

Lough Corrib view from The Upper Glann Road, Oughterard

Images from Upper Glann road, Oughterard, Co Galway, Ireland by © Annie Japaud Photography

gorse close up, Connemara landscape, Galway, Ireland

I love the way the landscape changes with the weather.
Every day the magic is a little bit different, but never any less stronger!!

Hope you enjoyed it with me ;)

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