Monday, March 14, 2016

Trim Castle Day Trip

photos from Trim Castle, Meath, IrelandWe just love our day trips. 

This one we took quite a few years ago. The kids have now doubled and tripled in size at the least. But well, the feeling and the memories remain, so do the photos ;-)

Those images were taken with my first digital camera and the quality is somewhat less desirable but well that is what was available in 2005, only 11 years ago when you think about it. Technology has advanced immensely since then. Amazing, isn't it?  The camera was only 2 megapixels and had a date stamp which couldn't be removed from the settings so I had to clone the horrid dates out every time from every frame!! Needless to say, I piled up experience in cloning imperfections from images quite fast  - I did practice a lot after all.  
Another thing about that camera was that the censor wasn't sensitive enough and it took very bad photos most of the time unless the light conditions were just perfect for its requirements. I have to admit that some of my most precious photos were taken with that thing, some of the most beautiful ones and some of the worst but well, practice makes perfect. ...I am still practicing 11 years later and loving it
Back to Trim now. 

Apparently The Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, build over 30 years by Hugh de Lacy starting in 1176. 
My photos were taken 10 years ago and the place was under total refurbishment. Even so it was lovely and charming and we had great time. Well, we got really lucky with the weather  

I wonder how it looks like now. I guess another day trip is in order... 

Trim castle, Meath, Ireland

 Trim Castle, Meath, Ireland

Trim Castle, Meath, Ireland

People resting on the grounds of Trim Castle, Meath, Ireland

 Trim Castle, Meath, IrelandTrim Castle, Meath, Ireland

The river passing by Trim Castle

The river by Trim Castle

Trim Castle, photo from across the river

Trim, Meath, Ireland

Kids playing on the grounds of Trim castle, Meath, Ireland

silhouettes from the ruins in Trim, meath, Ireland  at the grounds of Trim Castle

Trim Castle on a nice sunny day

Trim Castle, Meath, Ireland

Trim, Meath, Ireland Trim, heritage town, Meath, ireland

a door to the past, ruins at Trim castle, Meath, Ireland

These photos were probably never going to travel around and see the world but lucky for you today I suddenly felt like why not?! 

Just because it was a prototype camera and couldn't take high resolution images it doesn't mean that the magic is not there, the moment in time is still captured and forever imprinted right here and forever. 

My kids will always walk those meadows and will roll in the grass like they will never do again...

 Trim Castle Day Trip

 Trim Castle, kids playing in the grass

Trim Castle, grass

Thanks for being here

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