Monday, April 29, 2013

OUGHTERARD The Shrubbery in spring

     The Shrubbery is a lovely spot, it is situated along the Clifden road going out of Oughterard, about 5 min walk from the bridge. There are picnic tables,  so in summer this is the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air and to relax among the greenery. It could get pretty busy though if the weather is nice and warm. I have many photos from here so I will divide the Shrubbery photo blog into 4 sections, one for each seasons. 

     I am starting with Spring!
big tree, very green in Oughterard

spring green in Oughterard, Galway, Ireland
Click on the images to enlarge and view
beautiful green trees in the park

a collage of images of trees and green park

image from Oughterard park

image collage from early spring

a small girl standing infront of a huge tree

beautiful green trees in the park

park in oughterard

park in Oughterard

Thank you for your visit!!

the same place in summer and autumn 

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