Monday, April 15, 2013

OUGHTERARD 2010 The Big Freeze

frost on a fence

In January 2010 we got some unusual cold weather. 

The temperature went down so suddenly that no one was prepared. We all iced completely, most of the people couldn't even get out of their houses that day. Later on, the salt in the shops disappeared... people were trying to get themselves free. 

And what did I do? I took the camera and went out to take a few shots...

frosted fence

frosted fence, Oughterard

frost, fence
 frost, fence

Irish cottages

country road, Oughterard

frosted vegetation in Oughterard

frost and light snow in Oughterard

Maybe you guessed  - this is My Special Place

frost and light snow in Oughterard

frosted trees  frosted countryside

frost and light snow in the countryside

frost and snow on a country road

beautiful country scene with snow

frosted tree

frosted tree and road, Oughterard

thanks for staying with me so far!! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing Oughterard frosted all over

Have a look at the Shrubbery in Winter 

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