Monday, June 11, 2018

The Gorgeous Green

greenery in the fields of ConnemaraBy this time of the year I am starved for green and colour in my life. 

Finally, it is happening. No matter where you look it's like a jungle bushy, fluffy, exploding with life, textures, shapes and hundreds shades of green.

Honestly, I was walking the dogs early this morning, staring at the countryside around me and trying to differentiate all the nuances and hues of green . Well, it is simply impossible.

While working on my project, Walking Connemara, I recently discovered the Curra woods area just out of Moycullen, Co. Galway. It always amazes me how the most amazing places can be discovered just a few minutes away from a village or a own. And if you are not a local you wouldn't know about them, Or there is the other option, you could live on the other side of the village and just never go there ;-)

So here I have selected just a few images from the last few weeks, showing you the beautiful Curra area, lost in The Gorgeous Green

green forest in Connemara

green forest in Connemara

green fields

wild rose flowers

wild flowers in the forest

Curra forest, Connemara

green forest, Connemara

green forest, Connemara

green forest, Connemara green forest, Connemara

Curra Forest, Moycullen, Co Galway, Ireland  

green trees, Connemara

Annie Japaud Photography 

beautiful collage with flowers by the side of the road, very green

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