Monday, June 18, 2018

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Quite often I used to see sea gulls waiting patiently for lunch in front of the Fisherman 

@ the Galway Shopping Center, Headford road, Galway. 

sea gulls waiting for fish next to a fish shop

Well, they might not have been the same ones every time but there was always an expectant audience camping on the cars and vans around. 
I wonder if the owners found it a nuisance and did they ever gave them anything

sea gulls on the roof of a van next to a fisherman shop waiting for fish
We Like it Fresh

Probably not, otherwise there will be no stopping them!!
Has anyone watched THE BIRDS?

Well, today we discovered that the Fisherman shop has closed at the shopping center, which is sad.
And guess what?! There wasn't a single sea gull around. 


 I wonder, who would recognise that title?

It's from one of my favourite writers 

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