Thursday, June 14, 2018

After Storm Hector

I wonder what's going on this year?!
We were having it so good the last few weeks and then overnight, 
sudden and abrupt end to our gorgeous premature summer.  

We had quite and eventful winter, a good selection of hurricanes, frozen pipes, no water and so on..  
Yesterday was lovely and sunny today trampolines are flying away from gardens, 
trees are blocking roads, garden furniture is spread all over the villages.

I normally wake up quite early to go to work and today it was quite eventful on the way there. 
To be honest I had no idea all this racket during the night was called Hector, he sure kept me awake most of the time,
it felt as if everything in the garden was attempting to lift off. 

Being out in a storm is quite an amazing feeling. The way the trees move, the leaves madly flattering in all directions at once,
the way the air howls in the wires along the spooky and unnerving. 

I just feel sad about the fallen and broken trees. Because I love trees. 

  I took a few shots, a few videos and couple of fallen trees blocking the road. 
This is how it was after Storm Hector

pine tree fallen across a road

pine tree, fallen across a road

pine tree fallen across a road

pine tree fallen across a road

fallen pine tree across a road


As if a giant just rolled all over the forest 
forest debris on the road after the storm

I hope someone takes care of this poor little tree

poor fallen tree on the side of the road

a branch swinging across the road

Do you remember the big rains a few years ago? I went to the waterfall in Oughterard and took photos and a videos of the huge river jumping OVER the bridge 

Here is my full album of images I took that MORNING

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