Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Aughnanure castle, a trip to the past

Today I have prepared a little trip to the past. A visit to Aughnanure castle in Oughterard. The images are taken with a film camera, the negatives were scanned and treated. Some scratches are present and a bit of graininess but I believe it adds to the charm of the place since the photos are old the castle even older.

Visiting Aughnanure castle is a fabulous day out. There is a lot of old charm, the grounds are very well taken care of and the whole place is in incredible state of repair. The feeling while strolling on the thick green grass and looking at the ancient buildings (originating from the 12th century) is like a trip to the past. The main building is straddling a little river called Drimneen, and is literally build on top of it. The river has cut  intriguing caverns into the stone base under the castle. There is saying that once there was a secret trap door where unwelcome guests could be dropped into the deep waters flowing below the courtyard.

Nowadays, tourist can visit the main building and crawl up the winding stone steps. The views from the top windows is breathtaking.
The images in this post are treated for fun, in the future I will add some images from here because Aughnanure castle can not be described with only a few words and a handful of images. Enjoy the trip to the past.


thanks for the visit everyone!

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  1. Thanks a lot! This is a magnificent place! One day I'll see it with my own eyes)

    1. Yes, Johnny, it is a fab place indeed!! I have tonnes of photos from here, haven't had a chance to post them yet.

      thanks for the visit