Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick's day

OK, today is St. Patrick's day and everyone in Ireland is getting blasted. Well, maybe not yet, the parades are still on but later, when they are finished and the pubs are open, all hell will break loose!!

For some weird reason I am all alone in the house with the dogs. Everyone is busy somewhere but me. I have the whole house for myself. I debated for a long time shall I use this perfect moment to clean and mop the house, put the clothes away, do the bathroom as know the usual womanly thing to do when they find themselves alone and free. They usually clean or cook or do something productive with their time. Not me.

Today, since it is a Bank Holiday weekend I decided to go against myself and just work on the computer, basically do something for myself instead for the good of everyone.
And you know what?! I am sitting here typing, working on photos for a friend and all that and at the same time I feel guilty because I am not cleaning and doing what I think I should be doing. Seriously, how sad is that?

Being a woman is a curse in many ways!!
Thank God I did not go to the parade, I don't think I was going to enjoy that at all!!

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's day, hope you are having a grand time!!

  St Patrick's day cupcakes

shamrock pattern on a coffee,

That's all I have, see you soon ;-)

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