Friday, March 2, 2018

The Snow Monster called Emma

I think that the Snowy Winter of 2018 is turning into the Winter Disaster of 2018.

In all my years here in Ireland, Honestly I have never experienced such cold. The whole of Europe is in the freezing grip of the ice monster called Storm Emma. There is a Red  Alert for the last 24 hours lasting until 6pm today. 

driving in a blizzard, Storm Emma

I just read in the news that all airports are closed in most parts of  Northern Europe. Total disarray and what a big mess!

People in rural areas are snowed in without access to the main roads. It is good that everyone was shopping like mad around here, supermarkets were totally empty and ransacked by yesterday afternoon. There was no bread, water, milk or other essentials left. The queues in Tesco store, Headford road, Galway city yesterday at lunch time were as long as the isles themselves!! 
It felt a bit like the Zombie Apocalypse was coming... Believe me, I am not joking.

All right, time for some photos, taken from the car (don;t worry I wasn't driving!!) on the way home in the freezing Storm Emma and I do hope the weather warms up soon, and we get our water back!!
Yes, I was one of those unlucky ones that got their water pipes frozen ;(

snow, Storm Emma, blizzard, road

snowy landscape, Ireland

snowy landscape, Ireland, Galway

snowing, driving in the blizzard, Ireland

driving in the blizzard, ireland

on the road, in the blizzard

on the road, snowing

on the road, driving, snowing

image taken from the car, snowing

image taken while in the car, snowing heavily

on the road, snowing

heavy snowfall, driving

on the road, snowing

And I thought March was a sign of Spring?!

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