Saturday, June 16, 2018

My New Friend

white horse in a beautiful green field

The First day I saw him, 

he was in the middle of the field, about 15- 20 meters away and he didn't even look at me, even though I paused and said hi. 
On my way back, nine hours later, he was still there. I said hi, he just glanced at me and continued grazing.

Second day, he saw me coming along the road, looked at me sideways and pretended he didn't care. I stopped, talked to him for a while and moved on.

white horse in a beautiful green field

Third day, he was by the gate, as if he just happened to be there on his way to somewhere else. I stopped and talked to him, introducing myself finally close and personal.
He didn't come near me and stayed just out of reach. 

Day four, he was at the gate obviously waiting for me, since I always pass at the same time and horses have such a great sense of time keeping. He knew when to expect me.
We greeted each other, I patted him on the neck and he eyed me suspiciously but did not move away.

In the afternoon I had a chance to pass by him again, he was in the field but came across all the way to greet me and was very curious for some reason. I was quite happy.

white horse in the grass white horse in the grass

white horse in the grass

horse in a field

horse in a field

horse in a field

horse, in the grass, nature,

Day five, he was waiting for me with his rump stuck to the gate, batting his eyes at me so I had to stop and scratch his gorgeous behind.
After that  I said "Bye" and continued on my way.

I think, I definitely have a new friend. 

horse portrait 

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