Friday, January 15, 2016

One frosty day in Oughterard

Once upon a time we woke up and there was lovely frost all over the place. 

Other days we are totally iced over and there is widespread panic, well,  almost - no one can get out of their houses and traffic is completely upside down!!

Snow is a rare occasion here but we do get some from time to time. I can count those occasions on my fingers, like the BIG FREEZE of 2010 for example or The crazy Christmas eve of 2013 which actually had no snow ;)

Today was a very cold day here in January 2016, the roads were all frozen over and I kept thinking of snow as usual. Instead I give you some photos of Oughterard frosted all over. Enjoy!! 

frosted window

main street Oughterard, Galway, Ireland

frosty Oughterard

frosty Oughterard

frosty Oughterard

 main street Oughterardmain street Oughterard

main street Oughterard

by the river Corrib, frosted tree, Oughterard

the church, Oughterard, frost

frost in Oughterard

Oughterard, by the river

the church, Oughterard

the church, Oughterard, frost

frost on metal fence

beautiful frosted fence

frosted fence

thanks for being here 

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