Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Exploring Galway's WestEnd

Galway's westend

It is amazing how living 10 minutes out of Galway still I hardly find the time to just go there and enjoy the city. 

Just to walk around, sit down and have a coffee somewhere, go for a bite....Not just do this, do that and all very fast...fast ...fast... always trying to beat the traffic, never just there to enjoy.

Well,  we managed to finally get a break from everything and went to Galway for a few hours and just walked and walked and walked all over the city simply to find out what's new to see what has changed over the past months and years (yes, it has been that long!!)   

a street in Galway

I have to say we had a fabulous time and I took tonnes of photos and I was happy at last. Don't take me wrong, I love living in the middle of nowhere, I love nature and the elements and being able to feel them all the time but I was born a city girl and more often than not I do miss the feel of it, the buzz, the myriad of colours and constant flow of people never pausing, never resting always in a hurry... 

We started quite early in the day and the city was just waking up. Shop street was still almost empty, businesses were getting ready for the day, the market was just setting up.  

John Keoughs the lock keeper
John Keoughs


Oscars restaurant

Once out of the market we decided to dive into Galway's Westend where so many of the big restaurant names are. One of the reasons is we wanted to check what they offer how they look like, what is new and exciting on the menu. My partner is a true French born and trained restaurateur, this business is in his blood, that is what he is meant to do, he basically grew up in a restaurant and this has always been our game. He can walk into a place and in a few minutes he can tell you what is wrong and what can be improved, what mistakes are being made. Mind you, you don't always want to hear critique about a place when you are out to have fun but when it comes naturally how can you stop it? He never tells me to stop taking photos so I don't say anything either....  
The Face
The Face

I was amazed how most of the restaurants were side by side, door to door. And they were so many!! Summer evenings must be magical in this area, there were lights hanging overhead, flags flattering in the breeze...

The Blue note next to Secret Garden
The Blue Note

The moment I saw the name THE SECRET GARDEN I knew where we are having our coffees. My daughter has often spoken with great enthusiasm about this place and I just had to visit. I am a coffee lover and I grade places by their coffees, if I am not happy with the coffee most likely I wont be back. I have to admit we had the most delightful cappuccinos here and we drank them in the secret garden at the back it was really lovely. I was also impressed by the amount of teas they had available. Absolutely amazing!! They had made real effort to  make this place cosy, charming and unique and they have certainly succeeded. Loved it. 

Secret Garden outside   Secret Garden entrance

secret garden image

Secret garden collage

The secret garden collage

After our little pitch stop we walked Sea road to see the rest of the places and for me to take more shots. This is definitely a wonderful area to visit. Day or night. 

I love Galway's Westend and I must get back here in the evening to really feel the excitement and that spell that makes people come back to Galway over and over again.

walking on sea road Galway   walking on Sea road, Galway

flower shop

Mona Lisa restaurant building  Mona lIsa restaurant building

Mona Lisa reataurant
Mona Lisa 

Earnies shop and grocery sotre

fascination collection of tins and cans on a grocery shop window

kai restaurant, Galway
Kai Restaurant 

Kai restaurant, Galway

Galways West end Map on a wall
Galway's West End
The rest of my images from Galway's West end will follow next week. Cheerio.
Why not have a walk along Spanish Arch?


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