Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Deepest Secret

Let me start with that. I walk a lot. About 10 km every day. I go to places at very early times of the day when there is no one around. Sometimes I see things that I am positive no one else does. I know that because I am the only one there every day, There is never anyone around to see what I see!

I have this gift, I can freeze a moment or a scene in my mind, as if I am looking at a photo already made before it is taken, I can see it the way it will be. I only have to press the shutter and voila.
That moment is captured in the camera forever. Well, sometimes it doesn't work out as it should have simply due to technical difficulties or my equipment limitations but most of the time I get what I want.

Doing this is what excites my mind the most, this is what photography is for me: capturing reality, catching the best light and the best colours to make the perfect moment in time and projecting it on paper or on the screens of your computers and phones. Simply Beautiful!!

Being able to share moments that others are not able to see this is what I love to do. I want to show you or remind you of all those amazing fleeting moments that sometimes disappear in a matter of seconds but are so amazingly stunning they deserve to be seen. Most of the time life just drifts us along and we have no time to look around so I want to remind everyone about the simple everyday things that I find around the corner or along the road, just out in the village or out in the woods next door. I never travel far. All my photography is local from the Galway area, this is why I call my latest project Connemara Stories.

My eyes are always distracted by fantastic scenes when I walk and if I am in a hurry believe me it is very difficult to get to my destination on time.

Let's say I get distracted easily.

Like from a bunch of cows for example (it's not my fault they even came to see me!!!) or an amazing Connemara pony just standing there looking at me peacefully and being so extraordinarily photogenic or simply a perfectly composed landscape that has to be taken because it sings to my soul and I just have to pause and take that shot!!

And well that's it really. I simply need to take photos to keep my mind clear and free, to have my soul happy and I need to be able to create something or I will slowly wither and die inside bit by bit..

In the meantime I really wish to spread the word, I wish to reveal the magnificence of the lands that people travel across oceans to visit, unveil the secrets of the wonderful villages, woods and hidden lanes and hope more new photographs will find their place into my Connemara Stories.  

Connemara pony grazing in the grass
Connemara pony grazing in the grasss

Connemara National park sign in the mountains clouds in the back
Entrance to Connemara National Park from direction of Recess

Connemara National park landscape, mountains in the clouds

curious cows

My Deepest Secret by Annie Japaud

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