Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Moycullen, The Lovely Village We Live In

Just yesterday I think someone posted on Facebook in Moycullen News group how they were walking along the promenade and how lovely it was, full of smiles and colour. This walk must have been so inspiring and so fulfilling that this person had to post a note in the group to express their appreciation of the lovely village we live in!!

Isn't it fabulous? I love reading such burst of candor - coming straight from the heart! Because to be honest, I feel the same way, going to work every morning, walking the countryside roads and secret lanes along the summer grass fields and bogs then along the promenade.

I see the same inspiring beauty all around me. Could it be this weather that is so invigorating and energizing? Making us see the world through a happy prism of colourful light reflected off everyone and everything? 
Whatever it is, we are happy it is happening, it is keeping everyone smiling and looking positive for the future. What else could we want?

sunrise, Connemara, Ireland

sunrise, Connemara, Ireland

sunrise in Moycullen, Ireland

red rouses on a stone wall, Connemara, Ireland

red roses on a stone wall, Connemara Ireland

purple flowers  purple flowers

sunshine, sunrise,

wild flowers, Connemara Ireland wild flowers, Connemara Ireland

wild flowers, Connemara Ireland

wild purple flowers   wild purple flowers

wild purple flowers, Moycullen Galway Ireland

wild flowers. Moycullen

flowers by a stone wall, Moycullen

stone wall, Moycullen   stone wall, moycullen

 stone wall, yellow flowers
Galway flag   

the Forge, Moycullen, Irish flags

local house, Moycullen

house, Moycullen

red roses. Moycullen

red roses, Moycullen

red roses, Moycullen

Emily Jean Atelier, Moycullen

Emily Jean atelier, MoycullenEmily Jean atelier, Moycullen

Emily Jean Atelier, Moycullen

Emily Jean atelier

Emily Jean Atelier, Moycullen
Emily Jean Atelier

White Gables Restaurant
White Gables Restaurant

white gables, Moycullen

white gables restaurant

sunrise, white gables,    window, ivy, flowers

window, flower pot, door

window, flowers, colourful, white gables

colourful flowers, sunrise, white gables

windows, flowers, sunrise, white gables

flowers, flowers   windows, flowers, sunrise

sunrise in Moycullen

sunrise in Moycullen

sunrise, Moycullen

morning shadows, colourful flowers, wimdow

 Here is another collection from Moycullen

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